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Delivering sustainable growth with exceptional technology and product leadership

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Richard commands a plethora of experience to spearhead your technical teams and operations. He brings a business-oriented mindset and an unwavering emphasis on the engagement of your workforce.

Business problems Richard has addressed

  • Product Execution

    Flat SaaS product revenue and declining margin

    Failing or delayed product development

  • Portfolio Management

    Incoherent portfolio messaging impacting cross-sell and upsell

    Portfolio complexity creating confusion and high cost to quote and serve

  • Strategy

    Miss aligned product and business strategy impacting revene growth and company valuation

  • Governance

    Lost or delayed deals due to inability to meet customer security and assurance expectations

    Cyber Security culture change

    Obtaining Cyber Essentials+ or SOC2

  • Culture

    Disengaged technical function underperforming and impacting product or service execution
  • Cost Control

    Cloud and software spend

    Operational duplication

What types of roles has Richard performed?

CTO and Product leadership

Drive growth. Build, transition, or modernise a product or your portfolio.  Address governance and assurance requirements that are impacting sales.  Inspire your product teams.

Information Technology leadership

Optimise cost and productivity. Build, right size, or restructure your operations.  Drive security practices to meet compliance needs. Improve the resilience of your business.

GTM and technical sales

Increase revenue. Create great product messaging and marketing. Enhance your pricing model. Embrace consultative selling approaches.  Build a strong and effective pre-sales function

People recommending Richard

Todd Mcdonald

Todd Mcdonald, Co-Founder R3

Karen Hiscock

Karen Hiscock, Head of Marketing

Chris Bain
Chris Bain, Global Head of Analyst relations and storytelling at Avaya
Richad Brown

Richard Brown, CTO R3

About Richard

Richard is an experienced executive leader who can transform critical operations, build new products or services, and turn around failing functions. He is adept at driving change within complex matrix organisations and delights in challenging norms to build motivated and engaged global teams.

Richard has over 20 years in technology leadership, product, design, build, and pre-sales.  He has built, commercialised, and operated SaaS and managed services offerings for global software and managed services firms.

Richard's certifications: